Beliefs & Values

When you have belief,  nothing seems impossible

No matter what field you’re in,  you can’t truly compete or expect to win without having some kind of game plan or a true belief in your ability.

One of the first things we did at Appello was to sit down and make a list of our values and beliefs –  the qualities that underpin our services to clients and candidates alike.  Here they are:-

Appello believe in working as a team to help candidates and clients alike exceed their expectations.  Our aim is to help people realise their full potential whilst appreciating that everyone’s different and every career path unique.

As well as working together and aspiring to achieve our full potential,  Appello are always seeking to set higher standards and determined to do everything better than we have done it before.

We believe it’s important to define what innovation actually means to you,  the customer.  We’ll therefore seek to understand the environment,  culture and policies of each client we work with,  as well as the unique skills and character of our candidates.  Only then can we truly talk about ‘innovative’  recruitment solutions.

One could say others have integrity in as much as they act according to the values,  beliefs and principles they claim to hold.  Work with Appello however,  and you’ll soon find that our business is based on honesty and consistency in both our actions and our character.

Some people fail because,  even though they’re able to deliver a perfectly good candidate or service,  they deliver them too late.  Here at Appello,  however,  working to an acceptable timeframe is key.  After all,  if our timing’s out,  there’s every chance we’ll miss the target.  In short,  speed of service is vital if we are to provide the help and support our customers need.  At Appello we call it ‘velocity’.

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