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Prepare to find the champion in you

A champion is someone who wins through.  Even when they’re not at their best,  they somehow find the mental toughness it takes to succeed.

Indeed,  there’s so much career advice out there already with endless books and online resources that there really is no excuse not to prepare these days.  Read some of it and apply it wisely,  but don’t forget to look inwards and assess your mindset too.

The fact is,  everyone’s so diverse and at different stages in they’re lives and careers.  You may be a graduate looking for your first job,  a parent returning to work,  someone seeking a career change or looking to transfer their skills to a new sector.  Perhaps you want to take your next step up the ladder within your chosen specialism or have experienced redundancy and need the right role to apply your skills again.  Whatever your situation,  it’s fair to say that most people want similar things out of their career -  a good package,  prospects,  challenges to develop and stretch themselves,  a good employer offering a team environment,  respect,  fair rewards,  a decent work life balance and ultimately success and happiness.

Quite simply,  ensuring you pursue the right career is very important.  You want to be able to look back and think ‘yes,  I accomplished something worthwhile and didn’t waste my time’.  After all,  you won’t get that time back.  It is,  however,  never too late to find the champion in you and pursue your dream job.

Why it pays to prepare

Many people under-estimate the process of changing a job or career and accordingly don’t have the skills to navigate successfully through it.  Yet we can only learn to change employment by actually doing it.

Don’t underestimate the pressure points

Career change is a challenging journey.  There are often many pressure points along the way.  These can include your current employer situation;  the condition of the job market and how you find your way;  personal matters such as your home life;  finances -  can you survive if your salary takes a drop for a while?  If you’re single and you fancy relocating you can just hand in your notice and rent accommodation.  If you have a family however,  relocation can be much more complex.  Your partner will have to hand in their notice and find a new job and you might have children who need to move schools.

If you’re lucky,  your new employer may cover the cost of relocation,  thus taking some of the stress out of the process.  Unfortunately though,  nowadays this is rare,  so candidates need to be flexible and do a lot off their own back with their career journey.

Last but not least,  you can sometimes find yourself up against the market condition or employers who are not willing to take the risk on people looking to change careers.  Indeed,  some employers need a lot of convincing at times and recruitment consultants can help you as long as you have a clear focus and conviction about what you want and why.

Be clear about what you want

The single biggest issue regarding preparation is the need for absolute clarity about what you want.  Our Consultants can help each candidate get a crystal clear idea.  Once you’ve established your goals you can mentally prepare to make the shift.  The easiest option is to do nothing and think it’s all too difficult,  so you stay in the role you’re not happy in and become stagnant.  It’s important to recognise that an open mindset allows you to grow.  If you want to truly succeed,  you need to move away from a negative mindset that believes your talents are limited and can’t improve.

Treat a career change like the most exciting project of your life

Even when you’re clear about what you want,  you also have the challenge of working out how to make the changes in a way that suits you and your family.  In order to shift from a negative mindset to a positive one,  you have to treat the career change process like the most exciting project of your life.  It’s true what they say -  it’s a full-time job to find a full-time job.  If you don’t have a job right now,  don’t take it for granted -  plan your time smartly.  If you’re in full-time work,  then you really need to invest a lot of time and effort into doing it well.

If you feel that making a move is the only option you have after trying to address the issues with your current employer,  then you need to put yourself out there but,  before you do,  prepare yourself mentally,  because it’s a lonely experience and you need ‘mental toughness’.

Leave the comfort zone behind and package yourself

You are leaving the comfort zone you’re familiar with,  but bored of,  for a tough market but equally something more rewarding.  It will be worth it and it will make you happier in the long term.  Package yourself as a unique product and take yourself to market.  Appello can help you write your CV with our CV Writing Service,  but we can’t really help you with your mental outlook.

Remember -  prepare yourself for the journey ahead

Finding yourself in the middle of a tough job market where there is so much competition can,  at times,  make you question ‘why am I doing this?’  or ‘why am I putting myself through this?’  That’s why,  before you start the career change process,  it’s important to prepare mentally for the challenging time ahead by being clear about why you’re changing job or career,  what you want and what your plan of action is.  Remember,  and always prepare,  if you don’t,  then prepare to fail.

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