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Take the plunge –  it’s your CV that will help you get ahead

One of the most important things you’ll write in your working life,  your CV is the key that unlocks doors to interviews -  the document that helps you access more career opportunities.  Investing in getting it just right it isn’t just an option –  it’s a necessity.

Here’s why.

With an estimated 2.85 million people being unemployed by 2013 (latest predictions from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)  in the UK,  getting past that initial screening stage is getting increasingly harder.  Advertised vacancies are attracting as many as 100 applications,  sometimes more,  which means recruiters up and down the country are frantically sifting hundreds of CVs each and every day.  The problem is,  they’ll spend,  on average,  just 20-30 seconds judging you purely on your CV before deciding if you’re worth interviewing.

Fortunately,  help is at hand in the shape of the Appello CV Writing Service.

A team of senior level recruiters with vast experience in career coaching,  including creating highly effective CVs,  we’ve been helping people in a wide variety of industry sectors make the most of their CV for many years.  Is it time we helped you with yours?

Here’s how our CV Writing Service works in three easy steps:

Step One

Firstly,  if you believe that your CV is not doing you justice then you need to take a proactive step by investing into your career.  Make the decision to consult an expert from Appello on transforming your CV into the most powerful selling tool that will package you up and take you to market -  Making you the best hiring decision in the candidate marketplace.

Once you contact us we will ask you to submit your current CV for review you will then be quoted a set fee for the work.  If happy to go ahead you make a full payment and commission us to start re-building your CV from scratch.

Step Two

You’ll receive a consultation from one of our excellent Career Consultants lasting around 1 hour where we’ll help you define your short term and long term career goals plus your value proposition and the skills that underpin them.  This will either take place face to face or over the telephone whichever suites you best.  We’ll also identify your key accomplishments to date,  relevant work experience and all transferable skills in line with your identified career goals.

The layout of the CV is just as important as the contents and will reflect your personality so you should be fully comfortable with it as well as being relevant to your chosen sector.  The consultation will help us build up a good picture about where you are in your career and how we should be helping you to get to the next level.  We’ll set about turning your CV into a professional and bespoke document that makes a powerful case as to why your name should be on that next shortlist.  Just 24 hours later,  you’ll receive a first draft of your brand new CV.

Step Three

Once we’ve had your feedback and approval then your updated CV will be sent to you and your new,  improved job search can begin.

So,  if you want to get ahead in your career and don’t want to keep getting pipped at the post call Appello to find out how we can help.

Terms:  This is a bespoke service.  A quotation will be provided based on individual requirements.  Payments will need to be made in full before the consultation can take place and you’re welcome to come back to us for refinements and advice at any point within a 12-month period.  The finished document is sent to you once you approve the draft CV and full payment has been received.


Customer Testimonials

“When I decided it was time to move on I tried out Appello Resource CV Writing Service.  The Consultant was very engaging and understood my requirements fully.  She also offered relevant career advice and interview coaching tips during our consultation.  I found the customer service to be excellent,  very inspiring and informative.  When I did get the draft copy the next day I was excited to see how it looked and to my surprise,  I couldn’t have dreamt of a better CV.  I read it several times and felt so proud of my achievements,  achievements that I didn’t even put down on my original CV especially not using the impacting language that they used to make it sound amazing.  I now work in the automotive industry as a Design Manager this was a step up for me thanks to the CV produced by Appello Resource without it I wouldn’t have got the interview for sure.”  Daniel Devlin @  TATA Engine Plant

 “Working in the public sector was great but due to all the cut backs and redundancy I needed to find work.  I was really interested in working in the private sector now but didn’t know how to sell myself to potential employers.  They didn’t really understand my roles in the public sector and how skills can be transferred.  Appello CV Consultant explained how the core skills can be written in a way that makes sense to the private sector employer.  When the CV was done I was amazed at the result and I couldn’t believe how professional it looked.  If it impressed me I was sure it would impress others and it did.  I am now working in the IT sector supplying to the public sector.”  Sam Capper @  SCC Specialist Computer people  

“I was making so many applications I lost count of how many and hearing nothing back.  This was soul destroying at the best of times.  Now I am on the right career path thanks to Appello’s CV Writing Service which helped me get past the application stage and invited to the interviews that I really wanted to hear back off.  I highly recommend it the service is excellent and great value for money.”  Tom Fitzpatrick Technical Analyst @  Credit Suisse

“I was made redundant so I decided to use a professional CV Writing Service.  There were so many out there I was confused which one to use.  I called a few but when I called Appello their CV Consultant was so in tune with my feelings of being uncertain of the future that she quickly got down to the core of what I can offer a potential new employer.  She conveyed my personality and abilities in a professional layout.  Impressing Recruiters and hiring managers to invite me for interview.  I was so delighted with the results that I even referred two of my colleagues who were also facing redundancy in my department.  Now we all are in the right roles appreciating the fact that none of us needed to stay at home stressing about finding work or finances.”  Julie Harrison Business Development Manager @  IBM

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