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Becoming a self-employed Recruitment Consultant isn’t all plain sailing though.  It comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles –  the main one being how to secure substantial finance for your business venture.  Another pressure is giving up your salary and not paying yourself until your business is turning over a profit.  In short,  the process can be painful.

By working in partnership with an established brand like Appello Resource however,  that whole process can be less painful and more rewarding for you immediately.  How?  We can offer you a unique opportunity to start your own recruitment business without the need for any joining fees,  license fees or set up costs.

Our two-stage process will launch your new recruitment business and provide ongoing support ensuring that you retain 70%  of all billings.  We’ll help you with

Physical Setup: Recruitment software,  telecoms advice,  email hosting
Intellectual Setup: Company formation,  accounting setup,  business planning
Technical Setup: Dedicated technical support for any IT matter
Creative Setup: Logo’s,  business cards,  stationery &  website 
Accountancy Setup: Management accounts,  tax,  VAT,  payroll,  factoring,  etc
Advertising Setup: Candidate procurement,  skills testing and training

Then,  throughout the Life of Your Business,  we’ll provide access to CV search,  job postings and a team of recruiters who can offer advice and guidance.  We’ll also help you with business accounting,  management accounts,  VAT and tax and provide full back office support.  We’ll be on-hand for technical support too and can provide advice on tailored job boards for your sectors as well as general support and advice as you grow your business.

Our aim is to provide a bespoke package that lets you get on with the business of recruiting knowing that everything else is taken care of.  You can enjoy working from the comfort of your home and taking 70%  of your placement fee earnings (the rest will cover the business overheads that we also take care of for you,  once again taking the stress away from you).

Being self-employed can at times be isolating,  daunting and be demoralising.  As an Associate of the Appello Resource brand however,  you’ll have all the tools,  advice and guidance you need to build your business at your own pace.  We want to help people make that transition to self-employment a reality.  We want you to exceed your expectations by unlocking your leadership potential.  We want you to take control of your own destiny.

If you’re determined to be the best at whatever you do,  have entrepreneurial spirit,  a distinguished personality,  a flair for recruitment and a fantastic positive attitude and mindset,  we’d like to talk to you,  today.  Only those with drive,  motivation and passion are true champions.  Are you?

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