Employer recruitment process

You can’t make waves without having a method

At Appello,  we ensure that our clients’  understand the significance of promoting a strong reputation when recruiting new talent into the business.  Numerous studies have revealed that a poor candidate journey can have a negative impact upon a company’s brand and reputation.

That’s why,  when you work with Appello,  you can be sure we’ll manage the whole recruitment process,  including acknowledging applications.  Here’s how the process typically works:

We’ll arrange an initial face-to-face chat to meet with you in person,  learn about your organisation and really understand your role and the aims of the business.  We’ll then establish the role requirements and remuneration package,  together with any specific goals and objectives you might have.

During that initial meeting,  we’ll discuss team dynamic and structure,  management style,  the company culture,  environment,  values and ethics.  We’ll even find out how you like candidate interviews to be structured.

Next,  we’ll carry out a search to see if we have suitable candidates already on our database.  Our consultants may even know of someone who is suitable for the role via their extensive network of contacts or,  as is sometimes the case,  through candidate referral.  If these routes fail to produce anyone suitable,  we’ll create and design a job advertisement and carry out an online recruitment campaign at no extra cost.

Once we have received applications,  we’ll carefully sift,  screen and acknowledge all applications and interview the strongest candidates either face-to-face or by telephone,  before creating a shortlist,  complete with CV’s and interview notes.

Co-ordinating interview bookings and preparing chosen candidates before hand to ensure they receive excellent customer service and know what comes next.  After all,  we want everyone involved to have a positive experience.

When interviews have been conducted,  we’ll look to you for feedback on each interviewee before selecting candidates for second interview if applicable,  or indeed,  making an offer.  We’ll then provide feedback to each candidate on your behalf and either co-ordinate 2nd or negotiate the offer made with the chosen candidate.

Once a formal offer has been made and accepted by the chosen candidate and a start date is established,  we’ll ask you to send out a contract of employment to the candidate.  All that then remains is for Appello to invoice you on the day your new employee starts,  on a three-month sliding scale rebate basis.

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