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In a competitive world,  it’s the strategist who wins

For many clients,  pursuing top executives and offering them unique new career opportunities has become more complex than ever before.  Fortunately however,  Appello’s understanding of the issues that motivate today’s top talent has made us extremely successful at negotiating and placing executives across many sectors with a range of multi-national organisations.

Through years of experience,  we have learned what sort of person makes a top executive for our clients.  It’s someone who thinks about making the entire business succeed,  not just his or her own domain.  The core of a top executive’s job is decision-making and raising the right questions with the right people and engaging them in the right way during the process.  They have experience at every level of the business.  They know the issues,  goals,  and concerns of front-line workers,  managers,  regional managers,  and directors.  This makes them uniquely qualified to think and make sound decisions.

At Appello we have seen a significant shift in how talented managers qualify and assess new career opportunities too.  Gone are the days when management level career climbers were willing to commit,  with little or no hesitation,  to do whatever it takes for that career progression.  The truth is,  today’s executive talent -  sought after leaders -  hold the bargaining advantage because they are still getting multiple job offers and a steady stream of calls from head-hunters who want to move them.

Our understanding is that there are more knockout factors than ever that can determine whether a talented executive would even consider an offer from a new employer.  What’s more,  the desire among a growing number of executives for more work/life balance means that hiring companies everywhere need to be creative and patient when wooing top talent.

Whether you want to discuss that unique executive appointment you’re looking to make or you’re an Executive seeking your next career move,  call and ask for Appello’s Executive Appointments Team.

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